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How to Calculate Football Betting Odds in Detail from A-Z

Football betting is a form of entertainment highly popular on many online bookmakers due to its diverse gameplay and attractive bet types.

Moments of winning bets are what every bettor hopes for after days of intense betting. However, for the smoothest gaming experience, don't overlook the most accurate way to calculate football betting odds.

Table of Contents What is yesterday football prediction analysis? Formula for calculating football betting odds when participating in online betting

How to calculate football betting odds for each specific odds ratio Asian handicap odds Over/Under odds

European football betting odds Conclusion What is online odds analysis? Online odds analysis is a form that many players love when participating in online football betting.

This simply involves synthesizing data, analyzing trends to make accurate predictions about betting results.

With this method, players are no longer dependent solely on information from bookmakers but can easily find it from various sources. Therefore, online odds analysis helps you make decisions independently.

Formula for calculating football betting odds when participating in online betting Knowing how much you win/lose is crucial for any online bettor. There are many ways to calculate football betting odds depending on the betting odds provided by the bookmakers.

Full win: Amount won = capital betting odds. Half win: Amount won = ½ capital betting odds + capital. Full loss: Amount lost = Capital invested (all lost). Half loss: Amount lost = ½ capital. In addition to the above scenarios, the calculation of football betting odds also includes refunding the bet. In this case, players do not consider it a win or loss, but if betting on a 1, 2, or 3 ball handicap, you can easily receive back the amount wagered.

How to calculate football tips high odds for each specific odds ratio Whether you earn or lose money depends on the final score of the match you bet on. Therefore, study the method of calculating football betting odds carefully to avoid unnecessary losses:

Asian handicap odds In calculating football betting odds with Asian handicap odds, it applies only to upper or lower odds and does not include a draw. Specifically:

0-0 odds: When both teams are evenly matched, making it difficult to determine a winner, this ratio is typically applied.

If neither team wins in the final result, whether you bet on the upper or lower odds, your bet will be refunded.

However, if there is a winner, those betting on the winning team will win and vice versa. ¼ Odds: In the event of a draw between two teams at the end of the match, those who bet on the upper team will lose half of their bet to those betting on the lower team or the bookmaker.

If there is a winner and a loser in the end, the winning team's bettor will receive the specified amount according to the agreed bet. ½ Odds:

At this odds ratio, the upper team will handicap the lower team by half a point. If the match ends in a draw, players who bet on the upper team will not receive a refund.

However, if you bet on the upper team and win, you will win the bet, while those betting on the lower team will lose their money and vice versa. In addition, Asian Handicap betting also includes odds like ¾, 1.5, 1.75, or 2.25, which are also favored by many betting enthusiasts.

Over/Under odds best football prediction site also known as O/U bets, involve the over and under options, signifying over and under goals. The calculation method for Over/Under football betting odds is as follows:

2 ½ odds: If the total goals scored by both teams at the end of the match are fewer than 2, those betting on under will win the bet, and vice versa. ¼ Odds: If you bet on over but the match ends with only 2 goals, you will lose half of the bet amount. If there are 3 or more goals, the player will win the bet. 2 ¾ Odds: This betting odds ratio applies to matches with 3 or more goals.

European football betting odds European odds betting, also known as 1×2 betting, is also a favorite among betting enthusiasts. The calculation of European football betting odds is as follows:

1: Usually applied to the home team, and if they win, you will win the bet from the bookmaker. 2: Used for betting on the away team to win. If the outcome favors the chosen team, you will win, otherwise, you will lose. X: Applied in cases where both teams have a draw.

Conclusion The methods for calculating football betting odds shared here are quite simple and quick, right? Apply them now to know whether your bet wins or loses! Wish you success in finding opportunities to get rich from your favorite sports.


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